How to create a topic in a group chat on Telegram


Telegram has grown to be one of the most

popular instant messaging apps since the

pandemic. This popularity mainly stems

from the ability to create massive groups

that can exceed more than 200 users. This

allows for different communities to thrive

and share ideas with each other . But there

have been many groups with too many

users talking about different subjects. Thus

to solve this issue , Telegram’s recent

update introduces topics . So if you’re

highly active on Telegram and would like to

manage your groups better , then here’s all

you need to know about topics in

Telegram .

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What is a topic in a group chat on Telegram?

A topic is a new way to create a dedicated

space in groups in Telegram . This way ,

larger communities can create dedicated

spaces where they can talk about different

niches. Each topic in Telegram has its own

individual chat, which helps keep the

conversation organized. Topics can be

created by group admins, and you can

choose an individual icon and name to

better identify topics. Topics are just like

channels in a Discord server.

Step-by-step guide:

Once you have updated the Telegram app

to the appropriate version, you can use the

steps below to help you create and use

topics in your Telegram group. Let’s get


How to create a topic in group chats on Telegram

You will need to meet a few requirements

to create and use topics in Telegram. Use

the first section to get familiar with these

requirements and the subsequent section

to create and use topics in your Telegram



Step 1: Create a new topic

Note: We will be using the desktop app for

this guide, but the steps will be similar if

you’re using the mobile app .

  1. Open the Telegram app and navigate to

the concerned group where you wish to

create and enable topics . Now click the

Group name at the top of the chat .


  1. Now click the 3-dot .
  2. Click and select Manage group .
  3. Click and enable the toggle for Topics .
  4. Now click Save at the bottom to save the

changes made to the group .


7 .Close the group options and click Create

topic in the group chat space .

8 .If you already have a topic created , then click

the 3-dot ( ) menu icon in the top right

corner and select Create topic .


9 .Type in a title for the new topic you’re

creating at the top.


10  .Click and select an emoji for your group.

11 .Click Create.


12 . You will now have created a

group Topic in Telegram . You can now use

the section below to access and use group

topics in Telegram .


Step 2 : Use and access existing topics

Telegram allows you to view topics

individually or use the old layout to view all

incoming messages in a single thread ..

. You can also select multiple Topics and mark

them as read . Here’s how you can use

topics in Telegram groups .

Open Telegram and open the concerned

group where you wish to view and manage

topics .

  1. Now , if you wish to switch to the

old layout , click the 3-dot in the top right corner of the group name .

Click and select View as Messages .

  1. You will now be shown a single thread with

all the incoming messages being sent to

that group .

  1. Similarly , right click on a topic and select Mark as read to mark all

messages as read in the selecHover over Mute notifications to view

mute options for the topic.ted topic .

  1. Click and select Select tone to change the sound alert you receive for the topic .
  2. Click and select No sound to disable audio alerts for the topic .
  3. Click Upload sound to use a custom alert tone for the selected group .
  4. Click Save once you’ve made changes to the sound alert for the selected group .
  5. Similarly , right-click a topic
  6. Dial in your desired time and click Mute to mute the topic .
  7. Lastly , select Mute forever to mute the topic permanently .


You will now have familiarized with all

customizable options for topics in Telegram .



You can see more information in ( / )


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